Scale Auto Article Set! Yahoo!

I am very pleased that new Scale Autoeditor Mark Savage has approved my proposal to present, and he will publish, a six-article how-to set of articles. These articles will feature the construction of an authentic scale replica of the car, probably circa 1963 (after the car was restyled on contract with Monogram).

Naturally, there is a limit to the number of photos that can be presented in the esteemed magazine.  After each issue has been “on the newstands” for a few month, this page will present photos that could not be included in each article.

The NEWS page will contain a note when the first of such additional information will be uploaded.

Finally: Thanks, Mark Savage! It’s great to be back in the pages of Scale Auto, with an article that in an issue that is the 40th anniversary. I had the honor of having a model on the cover (with a feature article) in the first issue of Scale Auto, and I’m honored to be back in this August magazine!   

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